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Shopping with Bitcoin is really growing in popularity. It is easy to buy things with Bitcoin. Also, more and more merchants are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Now there is a common question from Bitcoin users. How do you buy things from a merchant with Bitcoin If a merchant or store accepts Bitcoin?

They usually display an orange and white Bitcoin logo or some other notification, such as “Bitcoin accepted here”. This may appear in a shop window, or a footer or checkout page on its website. If it is not clear, if the merchant accepts Bitcoin, you better ask them if they do. When paying for your goods or services, the merchant will send you the total price and bitcoin address to pay.

You can scan the QR code with a bitcoin wallet on your mobile device. And you may also display the payment amount and bitcoin address. Otherwise, you will have to manually copy/paste the address and quantity into your Bitcoin wallet for payment. Be careful when doing this. Make sure the bitcoin address and bitcoin amount used. 

Confirm that they are exactly correct before pressing the “send” button. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible merchants utilize payment processors (such as Bitpay or Coinbase ). They are used to process incoming payments. This means that you may point to another website that will display the Bitcoin address and payment amount.

When it comes to the term shop with bitcoin, we get many different choices. But the basic use of bitcoin varies from person to person and way of transparency.  Almost a decade ago Satoshi Nakamoto made this invention of BITCOIN with his genius creativity. Bitcoin is now popular in the digital currency world and it works superbly. Business owners started receiving Bitcoin to trade around the world because of its popularity and usability. Find a merchant to accept Bitcoin — — — — A search engine product that you can buy with Bitcoin. They have got nearly 2 million products available from 15 Bitcoin supported merchants. Such as Egg,, and — — — — A map of the physical locations of internationally accepted bitcoins. With more than 5,000 listed merchants, is the de facto site to find brick and mortar stores. About the Bitcoin wiki Trade Festival — Huge list of Bitcoins being served is organized by category. It is also a list and map that accepts Bitcoin’s physical storage area.

Buying something from others in a Bitcoin market

The Bitcoin market connects people who want to sell their property directly to other Bitcoins. They are basically like Bitcoin from Craigslist and eBay. Take a look at the bitcoin market to find a list of transactions between people you want to buy.

Buy Product with Bitcoin

You can buy any products with Bitcoin. For this, you can use online shopping and delivery site for getting your own products. Here we discuss about this buying guide of products with Bitcoin. 

Buy on Amazon Although Amazon doesn’t accept Bitcoin, you can still use Bitcoin to buy from them. allows you to buy items from Amazon and Bitcoin by having someone else. You can process your payment by having your own debit or credit card. It can give you the actual purchase and the order that has been shipped to your address. In return, that person gets the price of your bitcoin, which can be equal to or less than the order (you can choose a discount percentage). acts as an exchange and hosting provider for consumers and buyers.

But you can buy your products directly from the online store. The facility given by online marketing shop JOJOvo. They are providing the best and foremost quality products and services for everyone. Every cryptocurrency people can buy their products direct to their home. Because they are providing the full support and options to buy any products with Bitcoin. You can buy clothes to electronics products from their own categories. Not only Bitcoin they are accepting Litecoin and Ethereum also. So JOJOvo is currently the best site for directly use your Bitcoin. 

Also JOJOvo serve the coupon cards for Bitcoin exchange on their site. You can get a discount on products and obtain a great deal and sale on different time. But all these products and offers are available for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin only. They are now the leading online shopping site in the world that accepting cryptocurrency directly for shopping with them.

Who Accepts Bitcoins?

In 2019, you can be supersized to dealing with Bitcoin that many of the leading companies use Bitcoin to test the status of the cryptocurrency market. They offer you to shop with Bitcoin, pay with Bitcoin and Buy with Bitcoin. Even you can trade with Bitcoin with a single or both terms. This can be marketing purposes or upgrading purposes that the companies can grow their business with early adoption of this payment method. Here we listed some major companies where you can shop with bitcoin. They accept bitcoin payment and you can buy with bitcoin easily here. So let’s see where you can pay with Bitcoin:


Since 2014 Microsoft has been receiving Bitcoin for its Online store named Xbox. Due to instability, they temporarily took a break accepting Bitcoin. But now they are accepting again for their Xbox store accounts strictly. So people can pay with Bitcoin for any buy at Microsoft store. 

Even Bill Gates says that :

“Bitcoin is better than currency”


Currently, this is the leading platform that you can shop with Bitcoin with its products. They unlock the new way to pay with Bitcoin and shop for their products with Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency field. Also, not just Bitcoins, Overstock can accept multiple types of cryptocurrency. Overstock is not just accepting it, they are holding Bitcoins too! They are clearly on the way for the long haul and not just for driving marketing. Vendors like them serve the bitcoin market in the best possible way.

Namecheap :

Do you want to purchase your technical domain names and services in terms of cryptocurrency? Namecheap is the best community to shop with Bitcoin.

They can allow you to pay with bitcoin as a premium level internet domain company. You can transfer credit to your Namecheap account by sending Bitcoin easily.  


If that were the case, you could buy everything with Bitcoin online! How much better would it not have been? But what if you really do? Yes, they did. They are JOJOvo– the biggest online marketplace online. They are presenting their all-new business minds in this eCommerce area with Bitcoin. Not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum and Litecoin.

shop with bitcoin-jojovo
Bitcoin Eshop

Any user from any place can use their site and buy anything with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. They listed and arranges all the exclusive and quality products. And all that can be easily payable with Bitcoin. For cryptocurrency holders, they are beginning the Bitcoin era in the industry. Now every cryptocurrency user can use their Bitcoin direct to the eCommerce market. And they can buy any products they need for them from an online shop with Bitcoin. Just some easy step and payment process, you will get your product with Bitcoin payment.

They arrange all the best quality items for all types of people. Men’s items, women’s accessories, Kinds, and babies things, Electronics, and Tech products, and the large collection of your daily needs. Here’s what you need! So what you need is to go to their site, open an account and order your products! After that process your order payment with Bitcoin. Too easy, reliable and secure payment process. They are the first-ever online shop that accepting cryptocurrencies. So in the product base online shop, you must choose JOJOvo for your daily shopping with Bitcoin.

Also, they are too concerned about the satisfaction of their valuable customers. They offer a discount, and sale on various products and particular items. You can get a payment discount and product discount on seasonal sell on the site. So this is the first time you can deal with thousands of products with your crypto wallets. Now you can use and spend your Bitcoin online with online marketing.

Also, you can send a gift from their website using Bitcoin payments.  Nowadays they started the best and trendy shopping system for the cryptocurrency owner. So that the user can use their coin online using the payment system. Also buying a product with Bitcoin is a big step for the digital currency industry. So you can start shopping with Bitcoin at JOJOvo.

Gift Cards with Bitcoin

Buy gift cards with Bitcoin and use them at major retailers These online gift card providers will sell you Bitcoin gift cards. But they do not ship out physical gift cards to you. Instead, you can download or email “eGift Card” and it will only give you a unique number for a certain store credit. Some gift card vendors have mobile applications that display eGift card barcodes purchased on your behalf. You can buy things with eGift card online or at the store. When buying online with an eGift card, just copy/paste the number during the checkout process. In the store at checkout, you can have a cashier scan the barcode or number. The cashier on your mobile app and have them manually enter it into their register.

Gyft — — — — Gyft is probably the most popular gift card dealer. They sell gift cards for more than 200 retailers (ie Amazon, Target, High Court) of Bitcoin. And offers a 3% points reward program that you can use on your next gift card purchase.

eGifter — — — — eGifter also has a large selection of retailers (CVS, Bass Specialty Store Gamestop). They also offer a 3% points reward plan when you pay with Bitcoin.

Cryfter — — — — Accepts various cryptocurrencies eGift cards. Cards are available for retailers like Apple, Malice, and Hulu.

GiftCardBTC — — — — Only sells Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin. Bitcoin Gift Cards -Australian gift card resellers provider vendors such as Google Play, Dai and Bunning Warehouse. Major companies that accept Bitcoin. — — — — The largest online marketplace accepts Bitcoin (so far). sells electronics and computers from different vendors. Unfortunately, The Bitcoin user can only payment here who are available in the US area. started accepting Bitcoin on Coinbase on July 18, 2014.

Hustler— — — — This is one of the major adult and online entertainment publishers. They started accepting Bitcoin memberships on July 10, 2014, via GoCoin.

Newegg — — — The major online retailer for computer hardware, software, and electronics. They began accepting Bitcoin on July 1, 2014, via Bitpay.

1800flowers — — — online flower and gift retailer. started accepting Bitcoin on Coinbase on July 1, 2014.

Expedia — — — — An online travel booking company. Expedia has started accepting Bitcoin on Coinbase on June 11, 2014.

Reed Jeweler — This basic North Carolina jewelry chain company started accepting Bitcoin on Coinbase on June 10, 2014.

TigerDirect — — — — an online electronics retailer, headquartered in Florida. They began accepting Bitcoin on January 23, 2014, via Bitpay.

Overstock — — — — Overstock became the number one online retailer to accept Bitcoin on Coinbase.

Specific Needs

Nowadays, you can pay out your bitcoin with a mass variety of works and places, both offline and online. There is a lot of comprehensive lists is available on the internet. But, we hope the highlights listed below made the diversity of options available to the market. There are many online shopping places that cover most of your Bitcoin payments. Here we discuss some valuable sites that accept Bitcoin listed below:

In Online Option

1.Tipping & Charity

Pay to pay:

This is the most valuable and rewarding way to use your Bitcoin. You can tip or give to the blog author or you can donate your Bitcoin to a good cause with a single click of paying button. Also, you can easily purchase Reddit Gold from their site with your Bitcoin. Then send it as a thank you greetings who post your favorite picture.

You can Receive Bitcoin:

You can develop your Bitcoin API to set up charitable donations.

Common Household Items

You can avail millions of daily products for online sales. All these products can be bought or payments in bitcoin. and have covered all this payment option through Bitcoin. 

Video Games:

There are many online companies that are trying to create a Bitcoin payment system in Online Video games. Already tech companies like Microsoft have started offering playing or purchase games and other web applications for Bitcoin. Some companies are actually using the Bitcoin network to receive their in-game currency like the Minecraft server.


On January 10, 2014. Taxes (in the US) Recently in the United States, the IRS has announced that Bitcoin is considered an attribute, not a currency, for tax purposes. This means that any Bitcoin holding is subject to capital gains tax, even if you use them for purchases. 

So if you get your Bitcoin BTC for every $ 100 price, then make a purchase using Bitcoin. And when they make $ 200 per BTC, you make a capital gain income of $ 100 per BTC. So if your purchase costs 1 BTC and you have to hold the currency for one year, you will owe a capital gains tax of $ 15 (15% on securities over a year).

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